Jake Moskowitz and his guests explore the future impact of 5G on programmatic advertising.

Will the speed and especially the low latency of 5G fix the high-latency effect of programmatic advertising? Or, will it reveal the warts of advertising automation to consumers who expect blazing fast 5G experiences?

Over the years, as programmatic gradually established a foothold and eventually became the norm, it had to weather some serious storms. When issues like viewability, brand safety and fraud became too big to ignore, the ad industry rallied to address them.

Programmatic has another issue that’s been brewing in the background for several years. The programmatic ecosystem has become overly complex. It’s thick with issues that interfere with consumer experiences and slow consumer access to the ad-supported internet.

Some believe 5G will fix it. Others believe 5G will make it untenable. Both can’t be true.

In this episode of FIVE – The 5G Podcast for Marketers, Jake and his guests discuss programmatic latency, oversized stacks of tags and redirects, bad ads, ad blocking, outdated infrastructure, a brighter programmatic future, the edge cloud, 5G consumer expectations and other delightfully geeky topics.

Jake’s Guests:

  • Kate Reinmiller, CRO & Cofounder of Ad Lightning
  • Yves Boudreau, VP of Partnerships and Ecosystem Strategy @ Edge Gravity
  • Jeremy Lockhorn, Mobile Marketing Expert, Emerging Tech and Innovation Consultant 

FIVE, The 5G Podcast for Marketers, is presented by the Emodo Institute and Ericsson Emodo.