Jake Moskowitz and his guests take the 5G conversation out of the studio, into the marketing world.

Episode eight was recorded live on September 24 at Advertising Week in New York. This time, instead of going deep on a specific topic, the discussion goes broad. Jake and his guests cover a variety of marketing shifts that will largely be driven by 5G.

Jeremy Kaplan, Editor-In-Chief of Digital Trends, takes the moderator’s seat. Instead of asking the questions, Jake Moskowitz joins the panel and gets a chance to answer a few.

The conversation covers a lot of ground, including consumer expectations, privacy, data, programmatic advertising and challenges we’re likely to see on our way to the 5G future. Moderator Jeremy Kaplan designates the stage as a no-hype zone and reminisces about failed efforts to steer technology. Jeremy Lockhorn, 20-year veteran of agency Sapient-Razorfish, lays out a framework for thinking about marketing in the new era of high-speed 5G communications. Mike Moreau, Chief Operating Officer of Habu (a new marketing personalization platform), shares some frank thoughts about consumers, personal data and privacy. Jake Moskowitz emphasizes the big take-away for marketers about AI and explains why “5G” is a misleading, minimizing misnomer for the new mobile communications network.

Moderator: Jeremy Kaplan, Editor-In-Chief @ Digital Trends


  • Jeremy Lockhorn, Founder and Emerging Tech & Media Consultant @ New Media Geek Consulting
  • Mike Moreau, Chief Operating Officer @ Habu

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