This is not your typical bonus episode, it’s a crossover!  Jake joined forces with host of another podcast, Floor 9’s very own Scott Elchison.  We recently took the stage at the MMA Impact conference to discuss how 5G is enabling better results through immersive creative experiences.

Scott and Jake discuss the latest in Augmented Reality and why it’s an ideal use case for 5G marketing. We also get into new survey results, maybe the most comprehensive consumer study to date, on AR and 5G. The study conducted by Emodo among hundreds of 5G phone owners. Scott will share his perspective on how you, as a marketer, can best take advantage of Augmented Reality today.

If you don’t know Floor 9, it’s a great complement to FIVE. It’s also focused on emerging technologies and their impact on marketing. But Floor 9 has a different, yet complementary style. It’s focused on keeping marketers up to date on a range of relevant developments and current events in the tech industry.

Floor 9 podcast produced by the IPG Media Lab.