In this final episode of season two, Jake focuses on change and the role of AI in our transforming world. The title “The End of the Beginning” is a reference to the increasing application of AI within our industry. Over the last several years, AI, particularly machine learning has quietly become a component of growing importance in marketing tools and applications. However, it’s really just beginning to hit its stride. The current changes in privacy, device identity and trackability provide a clear, high-profile example.  Losing those core identifiers is a tectonic shift that will change nearly every aspect of ad targeting and ripple through every ad campaign, strategy and outcome. It’s a significant issue that is being addressed by machine learning – AI-powered solutions that are much more durable than device IDs and cookies.

To wrap up the season, Jake provides five key takeaways in the context of major changes we see in the marketing industry, and the role AI will play in each of them. Also, in this episode, Jake and Jeremy Lockhorn look to the automotive and healthcare industries to explore the trustworthiness of AI vs. humans.

Jake’s Five List:

  1. Facing Bias head on in a country and a world that is increasingly recognizing its biases and asking hard questions about how to adjust for them.
  2. Understanding the strengths of people versus AI as AI becomes deeper and deeper entwined into our everyday lives, both personally and professionally.
  3. Redefining physical retail in the age of eCommerce ubiquity.
  4. Embracing the changing nature of advertising, from planning and creative development to media buying, audience targeting and campaign measurement.
  5. Developing skill sets for the changing nature work in general and the current shifts within the organizations we lead or want to work within.

The Five podcast is presented by Ericsson Emodo and the Emodo Institute, and features original theme music by Dyaphonic and incidental music by The Small Town Symphonette. This episode was edited and mixed by Justin Newton at JaySong Studios and produced by Robert Haskitt, Liz Wynnemer, and Jake Moskowitz.