One of the key benefits of 5G is the ability to aggregate tons of metadata in real time. And perhaps the greatest impact from that is the ability to use that metadata to make decisions in real time and to make predictions; that’s what AI is all about. AI might be the part of 5G’s complementary ecosystem that affects marketing the most. It extends well beyond 5G and will have a more profound impact even sooner. 

AI is core to the present and future of marketing, but AI algorithms can make or break marketing success. With all the information and claims surrounding AI, it’s important to understand what’s relevant and what’s not. AI impacts a wide range of marketing jobs, capabilities, and functions, and not understanding what it means and how it is applicable in your company or industry can mean lost opportunity. 

FIVE aims to arm marketers with the knowledge and intuition needed to not only understand AI and its capabilities, but also the opportunities and challenges it brings to marketing. In each episode, Moskowitz, with the help of his amazing guests, discusses the different key components, benefits, and obstacles of AI, and how knowledge of each aspect can impact marketing efforts. After this season of FIVE, you’ll know whether or not an AI product is of value beneath the surface, and whether or not there is something meaningful behind vendor claims. You’ll know how to spot the red flags and what those flags might be telling you. You’ll know where to probe, what questions to ask, and what you’re looking for behind the buzzwords. To provide relevant and applicable knowledge and use cases for marketers, Moskowitz engages top executives, journalists, and analysts with a wide range of attitudes and mindsets regarding AI across various industries. The roster of guests that appear in the first episodes includes:

  • Shelly Palmer, CEO of the Palmer Group and host of “Think About This with Shelly Palmer and Ross Martin”
  • Rishad Tobaccowala, a Senior Advisor to the Publicis Groupe and author of the book: Restoring the Soul of Business: Staying Human in the Age of Data
  • Michael Stich, Chief Business Officer at agency VMLY&R

The FIVE podcast series is presented by the Emodo Institute, a structured, ongoing education program leveraging Emodo’s first-party research and unique access to carrier data and analysis. Beyond the podcast, the Institute has offered courses on mobile programmatic advertising basics, mobile data sourcing, curation, data verification, and privacy and security.

Transcript of Season 2 Introduction: AI for Marketers

I’m Jake Moskowitz, head of the Emodo Institute and host of the podcast, FIVE, AI for Marketers. Join us for season two of the award winning show about the big transformations in marketing.

When I say us, I mean me, and my incredible guests including: Rishad Tobaccowala, Shelly Palmer, Michael Stich, and a roster of really insightful industry thought leaders.

Rishad Tobaccowala:

Nobody actually looks at the spreadsheet, only crazy people look at the spreadsheet. 

Shelly Palmer:

The algorithms that ultimately will get to perfect one to one don’t even exist yet.

Michael Stich:

There are two kinds of executives in the world, those who think AI is this magical black box that will do their work for them, and then those who know that that’s just completely stupid.


AI is core to the present and future of marketing, but AI algorithms can make or break marketing success. Consider this season of FIVE your AI cheat sheet, it’s not technical and it’s not math, it’s about building your intuition about what AI actually is and isn’t, and it’s based on relatable examples from the marketing world. Listen and subscribe wherever you get your favorite podcasts.

Presented by Ericsson Emodo and the Emodo Institute. FIVE: AI for Marketers.