5G will be transformative, no doubt. For media and consumer-facing businesses, however, True 5G readiness may require a broader technology perspective and a more encompassing strategy. 

In his latest article on Forbes.com, Emodo General Manager Alistair Goodman provides a bigger picture view of 5G for businesses and suggests some early steps to consider now. The article includes statistics and examples of how and why companies should think about complementary technologies as they plan for the 5G future,

Here’s an excerpt from:  “5G For Business: Thinking Beyond The Phone And Carrier Plan For The 5G Future” published by Forbes.com, Sept. 16, 2019 


For a variety of media and consumer applications, “5G readiness” may require businesses to make additional technological enhancements beyond the mobile connection. The advent of 5G, particularly in these early days, presents an opportunity for those businesses to consider the impact of 5G on user experience, efficiency and innovation within a broader, more strategic context.

5G will undoubtedly help, but alone, it may not be enough. In the context of heightened 5G expectations, experiences and connections that seem fine today may soon feel frustratingly slow to 5G users. Once they begin to realize 5G’s new speed and latency advantages, they’ll take note of the connections that don’t measure up.

5G is not a panacea for everything. In many cases, it’s an enabling new element that reveals its power as part of a compound. Consider the implications of that compound effect in the data economy, for example. In the 5G world, anything that can be connected will be connected, bringing an explosion of precise data from an expanded range of devices. As a result, artificial intelligence (AI) models will be far better than they are today, and data science will become much more advanced, accurate and predictive.

However, in the high-speed, low-latency 5G future, that data will also need to be accessible much quicker: The only way to make AI a real-time proposition is through an AI probabilistic algorithm operating on a server close to the user’s device. In this case, 5G will be most effective in combination with another element – edge cloud computing.


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