Aha™ by HARMAN and Placecast have begun testing a new in-car advertising solution that delivers relevant, real-time promotional offers to consumers based on the vehicle’s location. This program marks the first time Placecast’s geofencing technology is being deployed in a vehicle. Quiznos is the first brand to activate promotional offers using the new service, which will roll out this month as part of a nationwide pilot program.

“Harman leads the market for in-car infotainment, and its technology reaches an unparalleled audience for advertisers across the most popular and widely driven car models. We are excited about the opportunity to deliver relevant, value-added experiences for consumers in the car, leveraging Harman’s proven installed base of vehicles and end users,” said Alistair Goodman, CEO of Placecast. “We have seen strong results for this kind of marketing in the mobile arena, and we expect to see positive consumer reception to this extension of localized offers into cars.”

The new program combines Placecast’s patented location-based advertising technology with Aha’s platform of 40,000+ stations of personalized news, music, podcasts, audiobooks, social feeds, location based services and more, straight to the car’s dashboard. Often seen as the “fourth band of radio” (AM, FM, Satellite and Aha), Aha comes pre-loaded in nearly 50 models of vehicles from the world’s top automakers, including Acura, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Porsche, Scion and Subaru, and in aftermarket head units from Pioneer, Kenwood and Alpine.

“Together, Aha and Placecast are the first to deliver in-vehicle promotional offers to brands,” said Tobin Trevarthen, Vice President of Advertising Revenue for Aha by HARMAN. “Not only are the promotional offers contextual, but geo-aware and interactive. This is a completely new concept and capability that enables advertisers to reach existing customers as well as new consumers when they are in a mindset to make a purchase – on-the-go and engaged in their daily lives. We think this is a compelling marketing strategy for advertisers.”

Anyone with the Aha Radio app or Aha-ready vehicle or device may opt into the service at any time, for free. When users are in the car and the Aha service is connected, they will receive special geo-triggered audio offers for nearby businesses, such as Quiznos. Brands can choose to put geofences around their stores or other locations; these geofences are then linked to offers from brands. In a gesture as quick and easy as tapping a radio button or turning up the volume, consumers can choose to have the offer sent to their email address, so they may then simply display the email on their mobile phones at the nearby business.

Together Aha and Placecast are bringing together three keys to successful advertising for the first time:

  • The power of location
  • Triple-exposure. First, the consumer hears the ad in the car. Second, they simplytouch the ‘thumbs-up’ icon on the display to have the offer sent to their phone. Third, they can see the offer in their email on their smartphone or on a computer, and bring their phone to the retailer to redeem the deal.
  • Ad targeting using demographic and psychographic data, vehicle make/model, and type of music or other content consumed.

For more information, www.aharadio.com