Attention is getting a lot of, ahem, attention these days among marketers. It’s what all marketers want consumers to pay… or give. We talk about grabbing it, like it’s getting away. And capturing it like it’s elusive or fleeting. It’s getting harder to find the right audience, let alone capture their attention. But what marketers really need to do is catch it — and hold it.

Fortunately, we’re entering a creative renaissance in the advertising industry. An era in which immersive creative and attention metrics are playing an increasingly essential role and new, measurable, experiential formats, like Augmented Reality (AR), are taking off. The innovation of AR ads brings a whole new dimension of experiential engagement to the ad industry.

Tom Emrich of 8th Wall is our guest on the FIVE Podcast this week. If you want to know more about AR ads, you won’t want to miss this episode, Tom is THE expert. And the timing couldn’t be better, especially given 8th Wall’s recent acquisition by Niantic, the company behind Pokemon GO.

Find out what The Experience Economy means, how AR ads push new boundaries in personalization and measurability, and how to easily, inexpensively get started.

Enjoy Episode 4 of Season 3 of FIVE: Innovation for Marketers, “AR Advertising and the Experience Economy”.