To highlight industry excellence demonstrated by our clients, Emodo is starting a Client Spotlight Series. This week’s installation highlights Gabrielle Scarpa, the Director of Integrated Investment at UM.

The first in the series includes Emodo’s Senior Sales Director, Billy Fox, sitting down with Gabrielle to learn more about her. When asked about why Billy wanted to highlight Gabrielle, here’s what he had to say:

Working with Gabrielle has been a pleasure – she has all the tools necessary to be both a force, as well as a skilled leader in the advertising space. It was immediately clear in working with her that she is extremely knowledgeable around the ever-changing landscape of advertising and can easily sift through the opportunities to connect the right ad tech to help drive results for her client. It’s clear to me that driving success for her clients is important and paramount in her duties. Gabrielle is open to innovative ideas but smart enough to see through the challenges they may bring for her client. Gabrielle runs an extremely well-versed team that is easy to work with, fun and very professional. Anyone who gets a chance to work with Gabrielle from the vendor or client side will benefit.”

Getting to Know Gabrielle

BF: Throughout your life and career, are there any values or principles that drive you personally and/or professionally?

GS: I’m a firm believer that the ability to adapt will always sustain personal and professional growth. A fixed mindset will always be limiting. Also, be kind!

BF: Along a similar line, what is one piece of advice or a lesson you’ve learned throughout your career that you would like to pass on to others?

GS: Rejection is redirection. Expect to fail sometimes and that’s okay…failure is where the real growth happens.

BF: Following up on growth, how do you continue to learn and grow in your profession? Do you engage in any continuous learning activities or professional development?

GS: Yes, I have recently enrolled in a mentorship program to be both a mentor and a mentee. I want to help someone early in their career like those that have guided me, while also continuing to invest in my own professional growth.

BF: That sounds like a great opportunity to help others! I’m going to switch gears into how we work together now. What initially attracted you to Emodo as a potential partner? Was it our service/partnership and/or were there specific products and offerings that stood out to you?

GS: It was definitely both. Emodo’s unique positioning in the marketplace differentiates itself from competitors. The larger pool of data and targeting accuracy allow us to deliver on client objectives more efficiently and drive impact through their campaigns.

BF: What impact have you seen from partnering with Emodo?  Can you share any specific examples or outcomes resulting from our collaboration?

GS: Partnering with Emodo led to a 20% lift in Return on Ad Spend for an unnamed client during our past few campaigns.

BF: Those are the results we are used to seeing! I’ll wrap this up with one final question: In the fast-paced world of AdTech, innovation is key. What’s one bold, out-of-the-box idea or hot take you have about the future of advertising that you believe can revolutionize the industry?

GS: Personalization is key in connecting brands with their audience. I think it will be interesting to see how personalization does not get lost in an industry that’s racing towards automation, with the growth of AI. Both must work together to maintain authentic communication between brands and consumers in advertising.


Gabrielle Scarpa is a trailblazer that brings over ten years of invaluable experience and expertise to the table. Her passion for strategic advertising and driving exceptional results is evident in every project she undertakes.

Gabrielle’s journey in advertising began during her time at St. John’s University, where she studied Marketing. It was there that she discovered her true calling after participating in the National Student Advertising Competition during her senior year, solidifying her path on the agency side. Join us as we delve into Gabrielle’s insights and accomplishments and learn from her unique perspective on navigating the dynamic landscape of advertising.

A Day in Gabrielle’s Life

Gabrielle begins each morning with positive affirmations and a double espresso before starting her day. She splits her days between going into the office and working from home. After working through the morning, Gabrielle makes it a point to step away from her computer for a change of scenery. This helps ensure she is maintaining both perspective and a clear mindset for the remainder of her day. Before signing off at the end of each day, Gabrielle plans out her next morning to help prioritize what needs to be accomplished. It’s unrealistic for her to schedule out the entire day, but focusing on the morning will allow her to start every day off with a win.

It is important to note that with her job requiring so much of her time and energy, Gabrielle feels strongly that work/life balance is one of the most important aspects for showing up to work as the best version of ourselves. Whether it is taking mental health days, or fully disconnecting on days off, she highlights that these practices are important to career longevity – not just for her but for all of us.

Stay tuned for the next blog in our Client Connections series, highlighting excellence in the programmatic advertising industry!