The COVID pandemic was a coming-of-age story for CTV. Everyone was stuck at home, looking for ways to fill the time. Audiences discovered more shows, binged new favorites, tried new streaming services and, if those services were ad supported, they saw lots of commercials. According to Emarketer, CTV advertising grew by 60% just last year.

Many of those new viewing preferences and patterns have stuck around. And that’s a big win for Connected TV. It’s also a big step forward for CTV advertising. That shift was a long time coming. Remember when the NewFronts used to be positioned against the Upfronts, and we were constantly being told that “TV is dead”? Today, CTV is TV. And it’s doing quite well.

It’s a great time for a check-in on the CTV market, and for that we welcomed Jessica Hogue, Innovid’s GM of Measurement & Industries, on to the FIVE podcast. We had a great wide-ranging discussion in which Jessica cleared up common misconceptions about CTV and highlighted areas in which CTV ad formats will eventually evolve. She also shared her thoughts on CTV’s role in the consumer journey, and what we can expect from measurement in the coming years. Jessica Hogue provides crisp, thoughtful insights and perspectives on these and other complicated subjects.

Enjoy Season 3 Episode 6 of FIVE: Innovation for Marketers, “CTV and the Consumer Journey”, and if you like it, please spread the word!