Over the past three years, our team at Ericsson Emodo has made it our mission to empower highly-effective advertising campaigns, promoting verifiable accuracy across the entire ecosystem.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that Ericsson Emodo has acquired mobile-first, programmatic advertising exchange Axonix, advancing our efforts to improve advertising on a global scale. We have now become THE independent marketplace for quality-verified media.

Emodo and Axonix have long-had a fruitful relationship, working together to offer the best solutions for our advertiser customers. Now, as a single horizontally-integrated platform connecting the supply side and the demand side, Emodo is able to deliver high-quality campaigns even more quickly and effectively for advertisers, and extend that promise to support even more brands as we expand globally.

Our commitment to quality

Advertising is powered by innovation and data. Successful brands promise consumers a personalized experience — an aspirational promise that has remained out of reach for most marketers simply due to highly inaccurate inventory across the ecosystem. According to Forrester, marketers waste 21% of every dollar spent on media on bad data, and in areas like location, inaccurate inventory is as high as 70%. The pandemic, too, has caused turbulence in ad budgets and driven a rise in mobile ad fraud, making it all the more important to ensure the accuracy of campaigns.

But for too long, incumbent exchanges have stood as agnostic marketplaces, less focused on ensuring the quality of their inventory leaving agencies and brands to police their campaigns. We’re making strides to change that.

In combining forces with Axonix, we’re bringing verifiable accuracy across the mobile programmatic exchange, from buy-side to sell-side. Our platform leverages the industry’s most accurate truth sets, including mobile network data, to enhance the quality of the inventory and audiences we sell through our exchange. Now, brands and publishers gain access to a high-quality solution to systematically improve the effectiveness of advertising across the mobile programmatic environment and deliver hyper-targeted, contextually relevant advertising to consumers — all in a single-source.

Improving advertising, globally

At the same time, we’re doubling-down on our efforts to improve advertising around the world: with Axonix’ international footprint and expertise, Emodo is expanding our global presence into APAC and EMEA in 2021.

An exciting adventure awaits as we look forward to the next step of our journey. To learn more about what’s ahead, take a look at these news articles:
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All the best,

Alistair Goodman
General Manager of Ericsson Emodo