Today, poor quality data is the #1 issue that threatens the effectiveness of mobile advertising. Although marketers and data buyers have serious concerns about the inaccuracy of targeting data, the industry isn’t doing enough to address the problem. In order for brands to realize the true promise of mobile marketing, data vendors and industry standards organizations must take more aggressive steps to correct course.

Prior to the start of Ad Week, AW360 (The Advertising Week news publication) published an article by Jake Moskowitz, Head of the Emodo Institute, that challenges the short-sighted objectives of current data quality initiatives led by the IAB and the DMA (see the article below).

Ad Week Workshop: “4 Crucial Steps to Better Data.”

On Monday, October 1st, Jake Moskowitz will kick off Advertising Week’s workshop series with a one-hour session, titled “4 Crucial Steps to Better Data.” The opening workshop is intended for marketers, media planners and buyers who seek to improve the effectiveness of campaigns by addressing the pervasive issue of data inaccuracy.