Now that mobile has surpassed desktop in digital ad spend, the biggest threat to campaign ROI may actually be in the data used for location-based targeting. The fact is, almost half of the device location data used in location-based campaigns are inaccurate.

Across the projected $20.7 Billion in location-based ad spend this year, that represents a huge industry-wide miss. It’s highly likely that inaccurate data is having a significant negative impact on the ROI of your location-based campaigns.

The purpose of this post is to share a new service that enables media planners to minimize wasted mobile ad dollars and more effectively reach target audiences.

Carrier-Verified Data

Emodo Verification is an independent verification tool that uses carrier data to validate the accuracy of mobile audiences and ad campaigns. And, it’s free to use for a limited time in the U.S.

This is our first product release since Emodo’s recent acquisition of Placecast. Emodo Verification combines Placecast’s cutting-edge technology with the established, global data sets from Ericsson channels and systems. The industry now has a tool to confirm the location accuracy of audiences and mobile ads.

Free Trial Period

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