Now that mobile has surpassed desktop in digital ad spend, the biggest threat to campaign ROI may actually be in the data used for location-based targeting. The fact is, almost half of the device location data used in location-based campaigns are inaccurate.

Across the projected $20.7 Billion in location-based ad spend this year, that represents a huge industry-wide miss. It’s highly likely that inaccurate data is having a significant negative impact on the ROI of your location-based campaigns.

The purpose of this post is to share a new service that enables media planners to minimize wasted mobile ad dollars and more effectively reach target audiences.

Carrier-Verified Data

Emodo Verification is an independent verification tool that uses carrier data to validate the accuracy of mobile audiences and ad campaigns. And, it’s free to use for a limited time in the U.S.

This is our first product release since Emodo’s recent acquisition of Placecast. Emodo Verification combines Placecast’s cutting-edge technology with the established, global data sets from Ericsson channels and systems. The industry now has a tool to confirm the location accuracy of audiences and mobile ads.

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Emodo Verification is unique in that it uses highly-accurate carrier data as a truth set to confirm the accuracy of audiences and mobile ads. Rather than building data profiles or targeting specific customers, Verification uses anonymized and aggregated location data from carriers as a “yes or no” check to verify the accuracy of location-based audiences and media buys.

Without using or exposing personally identifiable information, Emodo Verification offers a level of accuracy that cannot be provided by pattern recognition alone. Accuracy (correctness) is a critically important but often forgotten element in the use of location data, in combination with the precision (specificity) inherent in GPS data. Data precision is meaningless if it is incorrect.

By aggregating privacy-compliant, global, anonymized carrier data to use as a truth set, Emodo Verification can be used in a myriad of ways. It can verify the location accuracy of audiences built into using historical location data, or of geo-targeted mobile advertising campaigns, uncovering mobile ad fraud, and verifying the results of marketing efforts. Ultimately, Emodo Verification provides advertisers with the assurance that clean, filtered data is used in their marketing investments.

“Until now, bad data has limited campaign effectiveness and led to billions of dollars in wasted ad spend. Emodo is in a unique position to offer the industry a high-quality, accurate alternative, and we’re committed to diminishing data inaccuracy and media fraud. We’re proud to offer our product at no charge so that everyone can understand the current status of their mobile data quality.”

— Paul Cheng, GM, Ericsson-Emodo

How it works

  • Advertisers implement a standard tag into their location-aware mobile ad campaign, or they can just send an exposure file.
  • Emodo then analyzes the data to validate user location at the key moment in time.
  • The advertiser receives reporting with percentages of daily impressions or events that met or did not meet the advertiser’s audience or geo-targeting parameters.

Emodo Verification is the first product to be released from our forthcoming Emodo Ad Stack. Ad Stack is a suite of brand-safe products powered by carrier data, developed to solve the most challenging mobile advertising problems.

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