The deprecation of device IDs has been shaking up the advertising industry for a while now, but what exactly does that mean? The ability to calculate the expected number of conversions, awareness, and other key outcomes is severely affected, and this impact means that results often fall short of expectations. 

Marketers are also experiencing measurement take a hit; remember, consumers have to be ID’d on the ad impression, and then on the transaction, store visit, or other event being measured. Then those two events need to be matched to attribute the action to the ad impression. That means if an opt-in rate is 20%, then the double opt-in rate could be as low as 4%. So, now that marketers can’t rely on device IDs at the same scale, it’s critical to understand how KPIs are being used today and how to make sure marketers have a reliable form of measurement in the face of loss of device IDs. 

Which KPIs are being affected the most?

Brand safety will likely be impacted, despite not being dependent on IDs. Marketers are 7x more likely to say they are experiencing reduced campaign effectiveness due to ID loss when a primary KPI is brand safety. In particular, 88% of brand direct marketers with in-house agencies who rely on brand safety say they are experiencing ID-related changes in the effectiveness of their campaigns. 

Which have impacts that are less obvious?

Marketers that rely on upper-funnel KPIs are less likely to be affected by ID loss. Less than a third of marketers measuring performance by reach say they are experiencing a change in campaign effectiveness due to ID loss, and the vast majority of agency marketers who rely on reach say they are not experiencing changes in effectiveness. However, without ID data, impressions from the same device can’t be mapped back to each other. This ends up resulting in duplicative impressions that are inaccurately interpreted as incremental Reach, creating a false sense of scale. 

What other KPIs may be at risk? In order to dive in and see the larger impact of ID deprecation, Emodo surveyed 400 participants to in order to analyze this, as well as which brand categories may be impacted, the top creative formats to utilize, and much more. To gain access and see how your measurement processes stack up, download the third installment of our Voice of the Marketer series.