In this next installment of our “How to Launch a Successful Campaign” mini series, we discuss the importance of strategic partners and how to find one that will help align your goals and objectives to KPIs, and catapult your strategy to success. Read part 1 here.

There are a variety of factors to consider when selecting a campaign partner, but two key areas at the forefront of this decision are the level of customer service, and the level of expertise the candidate can offer. The best partners are those who can demonstrate measured success for various objectives and KPIs, and offer the support needed to execute.  

At Emodo, our account team is comprised of strategists who offer solutions to your immediate challenges while also prioritizing new innovative solutions to upcoming media plans. Our team members consider revolutionary market insights, market trends, and statistics as they relate to key target audiences in order to maximize success. For an automotive client, Emodo was able to provide insights that highlighted a geographical gap between where a product was sold and corresponding marketing efforts in the region to boost in-store traffic. These critical insights fueled a new full funnel strategy to boost in-store sales.  

Account management and service is vital to evaluate because it directly impacts the overall relationship between partner and customer. A good partner should have a reputation for demonstrating timely responses, clear and concise communication, and a proactive approach to problem solving. Additionally, strategic advisers play a significant role in shaping the direction and effectiveness of your campaign. Look for partners who possess a deep understanding of your industry and market trends – they should be able to provide innovative ideas that are relevant to your overall strategy.  

A strategic adviser serves as the subject matter expert, guiding you through a collaborative journey to identify efficient methodologies, develop innovative strategies, and adopt cutting-edge technologies that lead to superior results.  

Spotlight: Emodo’s Curated PMP Business 

Emodo brings best in class audiences curated with inventory that is guaranteed to hit and exceed your KPI objectives at scale. Our dedicated team of strategists are subject matter experts in campaign set up across all major DSPs and are often considered an extension of our customer’s trading team. Our strategists take time to ask an extensive list of qualifying questions and recommend a strategy that will be tailored specifically to your KPI, objective and scale requirements.

Using our expansive offering of Rich Media Drive-to-Store Creatives, Emodo Adapt advanced native ads, and real-time geo-targeting and audiences, the team builds curated deals that are captivating and impactful. Our team is certified across platforms and is able to help pull levers during troubleshooting and set up, dedicating efforts to ensuring continual success from launch through wrap up. To learn more, contact us today!