Social media platforms have played a large role in many advertising strategies over the past few years, but recently the tables have turned. With new question marks around brand safety and scale for tech giants like Facebook and Twitter, advertisers have begun to shift their focus away from the social tech darlings. Additionally, consumers are moving away from leading social platforms as the algorithms change in favor of monetization versus relationships and connection.

In the past, Twitter boasted its platform as a place for advertisers to promote a brand-safe experience for customers and brands. The company historically implemented policies to flag and remove misinformation and committed to all four MRC Audits (one being brand safety). Recently, with new leadership at the helm, Twitter’s promise of brand safety has been contradicted with announced changes to the company’s content moderation practices. Because of this and the uncertainty that followed, many brands and agencies, such as General Motors, IPG, and OMG, have pulled their Twitter spend.

Another social giant, Facebook, has also seen a steep decline in users and advertisers. All this thanks to weak performance metrics and a lack of advanced ad formats and customization within the platform. Perhaps most importantly, Facebook has suffered to provide adequate scale and measurement for advertisers thanks to privacy changes. Facebook stated that Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature would decrease Meta’s 2022 sales by about $10 billion. Sheryl Sandberg said “the changes are diminishing the accuracy of Facebook’s ads, driving up prices based on an outcome like a sale or download.” She also said that “measuring whether those conversions occur is becoming more difficult” now that tracking users from Facebook across other apps and websites has become much more difficult. This privacy change impacts the accuracy of Facebook ads, causing an increase in price, a waste on ad spends, and elusive measurement.

With so much instability and uncertainty surrounding these platforms, it’s hard to be confident when it comes to deciding where to spend your media dollars. The good news? There are many advertising technology companies, like Emodo, that are smaller, nimbler and more innovative creating the next generation of advertising solutions outside of the walled gardens.

How Emodo Can Help

Emodo has the tools to help advertisers reach target audiences in a more memorable, brand-safe way.

  • Accuracy, Scale & Safety: through our partnership with Ericsson, we have exclusive access to the network data that powers 80% of US mobile connectivity. This data leverages our proprietary AI that has been trained for years to weed out inaccurate data. Plus, we combine predictive audiences, verified audiences and geo-contextual audiences to ensure you reach your target audience not only accurately, but at scale. In fact, our audience portfolio offers 3-5X the amount of scale as ID-based audiences. What’s more? You can feel confident knowing that Emodo Supply is verified and vetted pre-bid, with Human Media Guard and Emodo’s own technology, to deilver 60% less wasted impressions and faster delivery on your goals.
  • Innovative Creative Formats: Emodo understands that with ID deprecation and the decrease in attention spans, the status quo ad creative no longer captures consumer attention. Social platforms, especially Facebook, have done a great job introducing dynamic native ad units to their advertisers. But native outside of the walled gardens hasn’t been innovated upon for years. Until now. Introducing Adapt, advanced native by Emodo. Adapt drives engagement with richer and smarter native advertising. Emodo’s proprietary creative rendering engine automatically enriches native ads with rich-media-like effects, optimal layouts, and styling elements, allowing for personalization and performance at scale to capture attention and build memorable connections with consumers. It’s the perfect transition from social platforms to the open web, all we need are your native components and we can get your ads up and running quickly and seamlessly.

It’s time to say goodbye to walled gardens. Let us help you justify your ad spend and surpass KPIs with unmatched speed and accuracy.

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