As marketers, we work hard to move the needle. Whether we’re trying to build a brand, increase interest or drive conversions, we are laser focused on very specific objectives for the work we do. Every so often, that work has an impact beyond the business. And yes, marketing can even change people’s lives. In Episode 5, we examine a campaign that’s done exactly that.

The story of Three and “The Connected Island” brings to light the remarkable power of human connection and truly transformative brand experiences. It’s a story about human ingenuity and true marketing innovation. It’s also a story about going home.

Find out how a distance of just a few miles can mean a world of difference and lead to depopulation, school closures, and lack of opportunity. Hear how an innovative marketing team helped to turn the tide, change lives and set new records for business performance… and won a Cannes Lion, and other awards, along the way. Tune in to hear how moving hearts can be a very effective way to maximize your KPIs, and why brand marketing and performance marketing are more tightly linked within the marketing funnel than we sometimes appreciate.

Check out Season 3 Episode 5 of FIVE: Innovation for Marketers, “The Campaign That Transformed an Island”.