In advertising, the term ‘media transparency’ carries specific expectations of accountability for media vendors. When the discussion turns to the topic of data, however, ‘transparency’ implies no clear expectation at all. On the media side, ‘transparency’ means “prove it.” It means “show me the viewability rates, fraud percentages, and critical information to protect my brand.” When pertaining to data, ‘transparency’ simply means “tell me where the data came from” — that’s it.

But that’s not enough…

Last year, marketers spent more than $20 billion on targeting data, but nearly half of those dollars were spent on data that targeted the wrong consumers. While the ad industry has banded together to dramatically reduce media issues like fraud and viewability, the amount of waste (both in data spend and mistargeted impressions) continues to mount at a staggering rate. In this recent Street Fight article, Jake Moskowitz examines the ad industry’s inconsistent attitudes and expectations when it comes to protecting media vs. data investments.

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