Two location targeting themes are gaining real steam as we near the end of 2018 – “People-based Marketing” and the significant problem of data inaccuracy. The former was a recurring topic of interest in numerous presentations during Ad Week and again at IAB’s Data and Mobile Symposium earlier this month. It’s a big idea that’s sure to gain even more steam in 2019. However, in order for individualized targeting to work, the data needs to be much more accurate. Today, about half of the data used for targeting is inaccurate.

As these conversations will only grow in the coming year, we thought it might be helpful to share a couple of recent pieces from the Emodo Institute that bring solutions, depth and insight to both.

“People-Based Marketing is Missing a Critical Element”, written by Jake Moskowitz of the Emodo Institute, was published by MarTech Advisor a few days ago.

“Data Accuracy: How to Fix Programmatic’s Unsolved Problem”, presented by Jake Moskowitz, is a webcast that was hosted by the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) last month.