The advent of 5G technologies comes with various misconceptions that muddy business and consumer expectations alike. What is guaranteed, however, is that the influence of 5G will be multidimensional. An explosion in peripheral devices will generate far more actionable and meaningful consumer data. Data speeds will accelerate, upending current advertising infrastructure and expectations. Reduced latency will reignite Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Connectivity and ‘smart’ devices and services will extend across industries, from the home to restaurant and retail environments and beyond. These evolving experiences and opportunities will spur all-new challenges around security and privacy.

In a data-driven world, marketers need to grasp the scope of 5G’s impact, or risk being left behind.

FIVE aims to close the knowledge gap with an accessible series that introduces the key concepts and explores the prospects of 5G, while also raising its legitimate challenges and debunking common myths along the way. In each 25-minute episode, Moskowitz uses his expertise in the mobile data and measurement space to address the questions around 5G and inform its applications in marketing. In pursuit of insight into every marketing facet of 5G, Moskowitz engages top executives, journalists, and analysts, capturing diverse perspectives across various industries. The roster of guests that appear in the first episodes includes:

  • Allison Schiff, Senior Editor at AdExchanger
  • Barb Kielhofer, Associate Director of Data Architecture at Spark Foundry
  • Lauren Stearley, Associate Director of Programmatic at Starcom Worldwide
  • Michael Stich, Chief Business Officer at VMLY&R
  • Peter Linder, VP of 5G Marketing at Ericsson
  • Yoram Wurmser, Principal / Mobile Analyst at eMarketer

The FIVE podcast series is presented by the Emodo Institute, a structured, ongoing education program leveraging Emodo’s first-party research and unique access to carrier data and analysis. Beyond the podcast, the Institute has offered courses on mobile programmatic advertising basics, mobile data sourcing, curation, data verification, and privacy and security — in March alone, Moskowitz and his team delivered seven courses in the U.S. and nine in the UK. With the launch of FIVE, the Institute broadens the scope of its educational offering, from subject matter to audience reached.

FIVE – The 5G Podcast for Marketers
Presented by the Emodo Institute and Ericsson Emodo

Jake Moskowitz, Head of the Emodo Institute

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Jake Moskowitz

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