Jake talks with Jeremy Lockhorn, VP, Head of Global Innovation at Ericsson Emodo about privacy and the loss of device IDs in advertising – how it’s affecting brands, agencies, and the companies that provide audiences, inventory and the infrastructure that makes our ad ecosystem work.

Jake shares the results of Emodo’s recent “Voice of the Marketer” study on identity. The research is revealing and whether you’re at an agency, brand, publisher or vendor, we think the results can be quite useful.

This episode was released around the one-year anniversary of Apple’s iOS 14.6. The version of the mobile operating system that forced a change in their device tracking policy – from opt-out to opt-in. Every Apple mobile device, once upgraded to 14.6, was suddenly, by default, untrack-able for the purposes of advertising. This was a big move in a positive direction, toward consumer privacy. However, it prompted widespread concern across the advertising industry. In this episode we look at the marketers’ perspective – how they view the problem of identity, the issue of privacy and their thoughts on the future of targeting. The conversation also covers the range of solutions marketers are moving toward, and their unexpected perspectives on sweeping industry change.

Show host, Jake Moskowitz, is also the Head of the Emodo Institute. Since most of the discussion is focused on the Institute’s “Voice of the Marketer” study, this time around, we’re flipping the script. Jeremy Lockhorn takes over the interview and puts Jake in the hot seat to answer a number of important questions about the study. Jake shares his insights and perspectives on the research.

The research reveals a lot of useful information. The discussion could go down a lot of different paths.
Jeremy focuses on FIVE:

Jeremy’s FIVE List:

  • How the research was conducted
  • How are marketers experiencing the loss of device IDs and how is it impacting their work
  • What marketers are doing to address the issue of ID loss
  • What marketers see as the most viable solutions coming to market.Specific recommendations for marketers based on the research findings.

“Over 60% of all marketers are personally experiencing tactical impacts from ID changes, either from loss of scale or loss of effectiveness or both.”

Jeremy Lockhorn and Jake Moskowitz go deep on the impact of ID changes… Along the way, Jake points out several compelling findings…

Some of the insights and perspectives Jake shares during the conversation:

“70% of marketers that are experiencing scale issues as a result of ID changes reported that they’re reallocating budgets to other channels and tactics”

“A larger trend is people thinking about measurement differently and potentially focusing on new KPIs that are privacy friendly”

“One of the things that came out of this research is that, as a whole, marketers don’t really trust walled gardens to solve this problem”

“88% of all marketers that are concerned about privacy changes are also actively interested in testing an AI-based approach”

Additional episode resources:

Download the full Voice of the Marketer report referenced in this episode: https://land.emodoinc.com/voice-of-the-marketer/
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