The new episode of FIVE – The 5G Podcast for Marketers explores the ways privacy policy may affect digital marketing in the 5G world…and vice-versa.

Looking for more information on new privacy policies?
Episode 6: “The New Privacy Conundrum”, is dedicated entirely to a one-on-one interview between Jake Moskowitz, the show’s host, and Kelly Anderson, an ad industry expert on the privacy policies of more than 60 countries. The discussion covers a wide range of privacy-centric topics, including new impending U.S. policies, how 5G and AI may spark additional privacy concerns, the potential role of carriers as privacy protectors and how privacy mandates may impact 5G user experiences.

Kelly Anderson is VP of Data Protection & Privacy at Ericsson Emodo. 

You can listen to the new episode here, or pull it up on your favorite podcast platform. 

If you like the new episode, you might also like Kelly’s recent article in AdExchanger. It’s a nice, informative supplemental read. Here’s a little sample:

Is 5G On A Collision Course With Privacy?

Just as 5G is coming into view on the horizon, there’s a trainload of new privacy regulations and initiatives gaining steam from the other direction. The timing of both may be coincident