Emodo ShareShift helps you connect with shoppers before they visit your competition.

Consumers have completely different shopping patterns today than they had just two years ago. That means that grabbing a greater share of local shoppers requires some fresh strategic thinking and new capabilities. For example, recent research from the Emodo Institute reveals that people who head out to shop from work are more likely to report they’ve decreased their online spend in favor of brick-and-mortar purchases. The research identifies numerous other patterns among those who shop from home or work, as well. These patterns show that if you want to execute a more successful conquesting campaign, one of the keys to winning is to start where the customer starts – at home or at the workplace.

Additionally, the research identifies the primary motivators that drive consumers to visit certain categories of stores versus others – and the distances consumers are willing to travel to satisfy those needs. It’s not enough to merely ask consumers to stop here instead of there. It’s essential to understand where they’re going and why. Today, conquesting campaigns achieve better results when the messaging addresses shoppers based on those motivators and the consumer’s proximity to certain stores.

Gaining a clear understanding of why some consumers travel longer distances to visit a competitor’s location will up your game in two ways. It will help you define the most effective campaign messaging and geo parameters for winning over the shoppers who are passing your stores on the way to your competition. And, it will help you persuade consumers to bypass nearby competitors on their way to your store.

When your conquesting campaign dynamically addresses customer proximity, store visitation patterns and the motivators that drive store choice, you can deliver a more persuasive, personalized message.

At Emodo, we can help you develop foot-traffic conquesting campaigns that do exactly that. Our unique methodology is based on three zones:

Brand Zone — Consumers who live closer to your location than your competitor’s.

Opportunity Zone — Consumers who live between you and your competition

Competitor Zone — Consumers who live closer to your competition

Winning consumers from each zone might involve very different strategies and tactics. But, we make it easy with a refreshingly effective solution we call ShareShift.

The ShareShift program starts with actionable insights about the audience and competitors in each zone. Emodo provides unique location and targeting expertise fueled by exceptionally accurate audience science and proprietary behavioral research. In the Emodo Creative Lab, our team uses those campaign parameters to build and deliver dynamic creative (immersive formats, audio, video, or rich media) to engage shoppers with personalized messages based on newly-defined shopping patterns and zones.

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