Can a lopsided focus on where ads run distract us from the real source of marketing waste? Jake
Moskowitz from the Emodo Institute uncovers the imbalance between media and data that’s limiting the
effectiveness of advertising.

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For years we’ve developed media tactics and metrics to control the platforms, context and physical
location of ads. Today we can ensure that our ads run on the sites and apps we want, near the content
we approve of, in a place where they are sure to be seen, to deliver real — not fraudulent — impressions.
Unfortunately, our fixation with measuring and regulating ad placements comes at the expense of the
accuracy of the data we use to choose those ad placements in the first place!

When it comes to data, for too long we’ve just assumed it’s right. Without verifying information like
segment designations, bid request metadata, and attribution studies that measure how well campaigns
are driving toward KPIs, marketers are basing investment decisions on inaccurate information and coming
to inaccurate conclusions.

What we need is balance. It’s imperative to put as much time, energy and focus into verifying the data as
we do on where our ads run.