The Shifting Shape of Data, the fifth episode of our podcast just dropped. If you want to know how 5G is going to reshape the data marketers use for targeting and other endeavors, this episode is for you. Jake and his guests explore the big shifts that are on the horizon. Here are some of the paths they explore:

All of the new 5G-enabled devices and experiences will expand the amount of data and data inputs significantly. 5G requires changes in mobile network configurations. Those changes will spark improvements in data precision and communication speeds. More data, more consumer touch-points, more precision and 5G-accelerated user experiences all add up to a giant collective shot in the arm for data science. Data models are about to get a whole lot smarter.

In the new episode, Michael Stich of VML Y&R talks with Jake about how 5G-enabled data will power more personalized, predictive and prescriptive experiences, Lauren Stearley