Unless you’re in denial or you’ve intentionally tuned out, you know that the marketing industry is undergoing a paradigm shift. The industry is losing its most foundational method of targeting audiences and measuring campaigns. The user identifier, or more commonly referred to as the device ID or cookie, is disappearing. Apple started the process with the move to make AdID opt-in, but we know third party cookies are disappearing completely from Chrome, the dominant web browser, next year, and Android intends to switch to an opt-in AdID system like Apple’s. There’s no going back.

There have been countless industry articles, presentations and discussions with predictions about the next big thing, claims about ID replacements and even sweeping misstatements that downplayed the significance of ID loss. But in all that talk and speculation, nobody was asking the marketers how, or whether, the loss of IDs was affecting their day-to-day work. Are their campaigns taking a notable hit in scale? Suffering a blow to their effectiveness? Are they concerned? What are they doing about it?

In Episode 7 of our podcast, we’ll review the results of Emodo’s own recent study on identity, called “The Voice of the Marketer.” The study shows pretty clearly how marketers